• natural running

    Natural Running

    What is it?
    Natural running has been the prevalent form of running throughout human history. It is based upon landing on mid-foot/forefoot rather than the common heel strike.

    Natural running is rediscovering o
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  • Natural Running Shoes vs Barefoot Running Shoes

    Natural Running vs. Barefoot Running

    Learn the difference.

    One thing we have learned at Highland Runners, serving runners all over the spectrum, is that many runners believe Natural Running Shoes and Barefoot Running Shoes are one an
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  • transitional process

    Transitional Process

    A pain-free transformation.

    Most of us have been using traditional running shoes which have high heel raise (which results in over striding and heel strike) for most of our lives. And going from one end of the running s
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  • proper form

    Proper Form

    Finding your sweet spot.

    Maintaining proper form during a run is the most important aspect of natural running. The following is an excerpt from Runners World UK, featuring Vivobarefoot’s Lee Saxby, who is at the forefront of a
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